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Hiring a meeting room is a challenge

Nowadays, meetings are at the center of human and business activities. On a daily basis, thousands of workers are gathering in the same room to exchange ideas, brainstorm, argue and take decisions. Meeting rooms are the heart of corporate life. However, planning a meeting raises a series of problems: the scheduling, the practical organization, the localization or even the budget management. Each employee faces, at least once in his career, this kind of challenges. Some are even dealing with this on a daily basis, such as the meeting planners, the travel managers and the personal assistants. The meetings requirements also varies based on the company size. Small and mid-sized companies will use internal meeting rooms more on a regular basis and external rooms for unique occasions. On the other hand, large scale companies are more likely to spend huge amounts of money on external and internal meetings. They will for instance organize big corporate events such as seminars and conferences in convenient venues with large and furnished rooms.

Besides meeting rooms, there are a lot of needs for rooms related to the modern way companies are making business. More and more workers are not working anymore from a fixed desk and enjoy travelling from one coworking space to another. Similarly, self-employed people are looking for the most suitable meeting room to meet their customers whereas coach are constantly looking for the perfect training room. Nowadays, hosting a board meeting outside of the company has become common.

The digitalization has changed the way professional actors are experiencing and organizing their meetings. It is now easier than ever to book a meeting room online, everywhere and quickly. Several apps and online services allow the modern businessman to improve the efficiency, the interaction and the profitability of his professional meetings.

Book2meet is committed to identify all the difficulties encountered by the dynamic, mobile and connected worker in order to provide him/her an efficient and fast service that copes with all the previously identified challenges. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of your meetings and provide you the perfect meeting experience by going with you through the whole process of booking a meeting room: researching, selecting and booking. Our solution uses the last technologies and is complemented by our team of professionals ready to support you.

Discover our solutions…

In office centers

Hosting a meeting in an office center offers a lot of advantages. The spaces are perfectly adapted and suited for a business use. They will answer, in most cases, to all the possible needs related to renting a meeting space: wifi, audiovisual equipment, beamer, catering, personalized service, several room layout possibilities, etc… Office centers are also an added value to your business as they will allow you to meet and collaborate with other professionals that are pursuing the same goal as you: success. Office centers were conceived to improve efficiency, so, these places are totally prepared and used to host external meeting participants such as your colleagues and clients. They will provide you with ready-to-use, efficient and functional meeting spaces.

In unique venues

Holding a meeting in a unique venue offers an innovative, refreshing and stimulating solution to your company. A renovated and futuristic church, an old factory, an amazing outdoor space or a majestic castle; the possibilities of unique venues are limitless! Our goal is to gather on one single platform all the mind-blowing locations of Europe to offer you the widest choice. Daring to stand out with an exception meeting location will definitely impress your clients and colleagues, and leave a special mark in their mind. This is the opportunity to transform your meeting in a real experience of discoveries that will refresh the image and culture of your business.

In a hotel

Hire a meeting room in a hotel is a common practice. Used to business travelers, resort and business hotels often include large quality furnished rooms, ready to host your next meeting in a qualitative and professional way. The location of these venues are frequently strategic: near to airports, in the middle of business hubs or within large central building districts. There is always a venue in the neighborhood or the district you are looking for. This solution is also convenient when you want to organize multiple days seminars or conferences with accommodation and catering. Book2meet developed and maintain a strong relationship with several partners from the hotel industry allowing us to provide you with personal support and high flexibility.

Everywhere in Europe…
Meetings in the United Kingdom are seen as the heart of business and corporate life. An efficient meeting planner in the UK will always ensure that the meeting agenda is provided in advance so that all the participants can prepare themselves. They will be particularly attentive to the announced planning and will make sure that each topic is tackled. The United Kingdom is one of Europe’s most powerful economy and is the privileged trade partner of the English speaking countries, such as the United States and the North American countries. Its capital, London, offers you a wide range of possibilities for your meetings. If you don’t book a meeting room in London, you might be tempted to discover the luxurious spaces offered by the City: one of the most important financial districts of the world. But the City is not the only asset of London. Discover and hire a seminar room in Birmingham or book a training room in Liverpool. We’ve also selected for you qualitative meeting spaces in Glasgow.
When hosting a meeting in Germany, you should better ensure that you are following the business etiquette and processes. The business life in Germany is codified; professionals with whom you are going to collaborate will pay a particular attention to your behavior. Germany is the biggest economy in Europe and relies mainly on exportation. This way, Germany became a powerful international meeting hub and has developed a broad choice of flexible meeting room options. Book2meet is the main actor regarding meeting room bookings in Germany: we allow companies to hire meeting rooms in Berlin, to book conference venues in Hamburg and to organize large scales seminars in Munich.
France is also a country where the business and meeting etiquette really matters. Holding a meeting in France is essential, so there will be a few aspects that you need to take into account. First, note that a meeting always starts with a brief summary of the different topics that will be tackled. Don’t be surprised by people asking questions. Here, participants do not hesitate to give their feedback. Finally, remember that French business people are known to be perfectionists; each detail counts. Book2meet selected more than 3000 venues in order to allow you to hire a meeting room in Lyon, to find to perfect training room in Paris and to easily and quickly organize your next corporate event in Marseille.
Selecting a place to meet in Belgium is not an easy task as the different options are divided between the three main areas: Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. Finding a suitable solution for you might be difficult if you don’t master Dutch and French. That’s why we’ve gathered the different venues and qualitative meeting rooms for you on our platform. In Belgium, business people appreciate to meet a lot; meeting each other is at the heart of corporate life. Meetings are mostly team-oriented and focus on exchange and collaboration. In general, these are planned quite in advance. The participants will expect you to end your meeting by a strong statement and conclusion. Discover your next meeting space within on of our 2000 venues all over Belgium. We commit to bring you the best meeting rooms in Antwerp , the perfect event venue in Ghent and the ability to hire the nicest seminar venues in Brussels.
In order to broaden your choice, we are also offering you meeting rooms in the Netherlands: from meeting spaces in Amsterdam to seminar venues in Rotterdam. We are also listing the best conference centers in Switzerland : discover our selection of business related spaces in Zurich and the quiet and luxury meeting rooms in Geneva. Meeting in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland is also one of the possibilities we are offering you.

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